Computers in Education

Welcome to the 2010 Computers in Education web site. The course is part of the Master of Arts in teaching mathematics (M.A.T.) program at Providence College. As part of the course, each student chose a pedagogical topic and created a corresponding web page intended to educate and inform others. Each page has a different style with varying goals and objectives. Use the menu on the left to select a specific topic. The authors with their topics are listed below.

K. Daniels, Workshop Model
P. Izzi, Women as Math Majors
M. Silva, '09 Math MTEL
S. Smith, Tasks and Assessments
T. Tracy, Diploma vs GED

The instructor thanks the students for their extraordinary diligence and patience as they learned the required Web 2.0 skills on the Wikispaces system. Similar thanks to Siobhan Ross-Humphries, Coordinator Instructional Technology, for setting up the site and responding very promptly to all inquires.

Richard Connelly, Instructor